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The upcoming publication of Witold Lanowski's life story from birth till the end of World War 2 is on now on sale in the UK under the title `Out In Front' which in itself is a very poignant title reflecting certain incidents in his life which are all highlighted within the book. The book is also available in the U.S. via the distributers `Casemate'.

It is also due to be translated, published and distributed in Poland at the latter part of 2015 as contracts have now been signed with `Orbis' in Poland.

You not only can get this book directly from the publisher `Fighting High' publications in the UK or Casemate in the US but it is also available pre-order via Waterstones or Amazon! 

I hope you will purchase the book to help keep the legacy of my father going!


The Exhibition of Witold `Lanny' Lanowski's world war 2 memorabilia is currently on display at the Halesworth airfield memorial museum, home to the 56th Fighter Group and can be seen any sunday or bank holiday between April and October and is totally free of charge.


The collection was recently given a massive boost by the gift from a great friend of mine Gerald Kochan who is the 2nd cousin of Boleslaw `Mike' Gladych  who was my fathers great personal friend during the WW2 conflict. Gerald presented me with a vintage WW2 American Distinguished Flying Cross and American Air medal for my fathers collection as the originals are currently `somewhere in America' no doubt in someones personal collection!


The 3rd of December 2013 marked a sad day for the 56th Fighter Group. one of the veteran pilots of the 61st Fighter squadron sadly passed away in Austin Texas. Russel S Kyler will be sadly missed by all the friends of the 56th that new him especially those at Halesworth Museum. he was born 13-3-1924 and joined the 61st at Boxted at the ripe old age of 20 years young! Similarly to the other `newbie' pilots, Russ was awed by the veteran pilots already in the squadron. he told me an amusing story that his first introduction to the `Polish vets' was walking to a morning briefing when Lanny was walking to the briefing room with Gladych and Russ and a couple of other pilots decided to `debag' Lanny! in the ensuing struggle to remove Lanny's trousers Russ inadvertently broke Lanny's nose! Not quite the intro Russ was after I think!

Russel S Kyler 13-3-1924 to 3-12-2013

Russ, I wish you a safe flight with blue skies, a strong tail wind and a clear `6' 

You will be missed my friend and say hi to my father when you both meet in the briefing room to exchange stories only heroes can!